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TRISHNA will be the latest satellite in the joint Franco-Indian satellite fleet dedicated to climate monitoring and operational applications.

Solid state recorders /
mass memories and payload data processing

Solid state recorders

The Airbus solid-state recorder line is a series of products providing onboard data recording and playback capability for satellite and spacecraft platforms and payloads. Airbus Defence and Space has been supplying recorders based on solid-state technology for over 30 years.

Airbus-produced solid-state recorders provide onboard data recording and playback capability for satellite and spacecraft platforms.

Mass memories and payload data processing

Nemo: a non-volatile flash based scalable recorder

  • New generation products using NAND Flash technology provide typically 60% higher storage capacity for 2.5 times less mass, are five-times smaller, and consume 3.5 times less power compared with previous solid-state recorder generations based on SDRAM technology
  • Fully qualified, the integrated flash technology is qualified and screened to meet the requirements of both NASA and ESA standards.
  • Flight heritage on Spot 6 and Spot 7 satellite
Flash memory Solid-State Recorder (SSR) to optimize Satellite Data Storage
Compression recording ciphering:

An integrated COmpression Recording and CIphering (CORECI) solution for Earth observation satellites

  • Integrated image compressor, mass memory and data ciphering unit designed to process, store and format multi-spectral video instrument data for the satellite downlink.
  • The mass memory utilises high performance commercial flash components, ESA-qualified and up-screened for their use in space equipment
  • The first CORECI unit has been successfully operating on the Spot 6 satellite
PureLine Emerald:
The PureLine Emerald is a payload interface unit that offers the best of essential functionalities in our most compact and lightweight design ever.
Pureline Pliu

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