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"New space"

"New space"

Each Airbus PureLine and "new Space" product offers the best of essential functionalities in its most compact, lightweight and low-power design ever.

Airbus' first generation PureLine products allow customers to leverage solutions for the current range of mega-constellations. PureLine products can also be used as building blocks and adapted for future applications.

Airbus also developped a dedicated SmallSats solar arrays offer called "SparkWing" and early 2020, disclosed to the market the smallest and most performant?New Space Gyroscope, Astrix NS.

All components are? intensively radiation-tested to ensure flawless in-orbit operations for typical lieftimes of 10 years in low-Earth Orbit; justification files based on constellation heritage.



PureLine Amethyst is a centralized avionics with onboard computer offering capabilities for TM/TC, GPS receiver, delivery of secondary voltages, interface to AOCS sensors and actuators (STR/SADM/MTQ…), and SW time-and-space partitioning capability.

Pureline Obc 2nd View


Pureline Pcdu

PureLine Pearl is the core element of the spacecraft electrical power subsystem and comprises the following main functions:

  • Conditioning of primary power sources from solar array and battery
  • Distribution of switched, fuse protected power lines to supply external users and heater loads
  • Fuse protection lines up to 5 Amp class
  • Bus capacitance to offer low impedance point for the avionics
  • TM & TC interface with OBC via redundant CAN serial bus and discrete commands
  • Removable fuse plug to ease satellite integration


PureLine Emerald is a payload interface unit that offers the best of essential functionalities in our most compact and lightweight design ever.

Pureline Pliu


Pureline Topaz Ppu Leo 300w

Topaz PPU

The PureLine Topaz/THORs subsystem offers an end-to-end solution for the satellite electric propulsion in our most compact, innovative and flexible design ever. Specifically tailored to "new space" types of applications, it features a lifetime of ten years in low-Earth orbit, with latch-up-free parts and error protection. Topaz/THORs is well suited for orbit raising, station keeping and deorbiting maneuvers.



PureLine Leopard is a new navigation unit based on flight-proven hardware, and takes advantage of previous Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver experience at Airbus, in particular with Mosaic GNSS and LION GNSS receiver products.

Pureline Obc

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"New space"

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