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The Bartolomeo platform, attached to the European Columbus Module of the International Space Station (ISS), is the station’s newest payload hosting platform. Starting from payload sizes as small as 3U, Airbus hosts payloads on Bartolomeo as an all-in-one mission service: this includes technical support in preparing the payload, launch and installation, operations and data transfer as well as an optional return to Earth.

Payload slots are now available for booking – while capacity lasts.


You have a project that needs to go into Space? Click and submit your request for your payload slot on the Bartolomeo platform now.

What is Bartolomeo?


Easiest and quickest ticket to operating a Space mission in low-Earth orbit. Read less Read more

Bartolomeo enables the hosting of external payloads in low-Earth orbit, on-board the International Space Station ISS.

Application areas include (but are not limited to) Earth observation, robotics, material science or astrophysics. Payloads can be hosted for institutional and private organisations alike. Operated aboard the ISS in low-Earth-orbit (altitude: ~400 km), the Bartolomeo platform offers the ISS’ only unobstructed view both towards planet Earth and into outer space.

Easy Access to the ISS

Named after the younger brother of Christopher Columbus, the Bartolomeo platform is attached to the European Columbus Module and operated by Airbus.

With its All-in-One Mission Service, the company provides all mission-related elements and can even assist when it comes to building the actual payload.

Operating a space mission on the Bartolomeo platform is a highly cost and time-efficient way of bringing a payload into space. Customers benefit from Airbus' 10-year experience in integrating and operating payloads on the ISS: Customers fully concentrate on their individual Space mission, without needing to develop a complex space system or a deep understanding of the ISS.

Suitable for a Wide Array of LEO Missions

An infographic highlighting suitability of the Bartolomeo payload hosting platform – which is attached to the International Space Station’s European Columbus Module – for a wide range of low-Earth orbit missions.

Slot Sharing with the ArgUS Multi-Payload Adapter


The ArgUS Service for smaller, resource-lean payloads supports payloads in a shared slot, starting at a little as 3U [300 x 100 x 100mm3] payload space.

This Multi-Payload Adapter hosts multiple payloads while being mounted in a standard Bartolomeo slot.

All in One Space Mission Service

An infographic showing key activities as part of Airbus’  all-in-one payload hosting mission service for the Bartolomeo payload hosting platform – which is attached to the International Space Station’s European Columbus Module.
  • Affordable, fast and easy access to Space
  • Scalability of missions
  • Launch opportunities every 3 months
  • Easy, streamlined process
  • Best viewing conditions and highest data downlink rates available on the ISS
  • Return of payloads/ samples as an option


Bartolomeo Videos

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Bartolomeo Installed - Copyright NASA    
Bartolomeo in the parking position - Copyright NASA    
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Bartolomeo Shipment    
Bartolomeo Team in the clean room of Airbus in Bremen    
IAC Congress 2019    
UNOOSA and Airbus announce opportunity for utilizing Airbus Bartolomeo platform    
Parts of the Bartolomeo platform in the clean room at Airbus in Bremen, here the integration of harness.    
Bartolomeo platform    
Bartolomeo with Laser - Copyright Airbus 2018    

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