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Training & flight ops

Training & flight ops

Efficient operations are directly linked to the proficiency of pilots, flight crew and technicians, as well as to their ability to safely operate and maintain rotorcraft in a full range of conditions and missions.

Airbus provides complete training solutions in 20 training centres throughout the world – from ab-initio up to recurrent training for both pilots and technicians.

Some of these centres have state-of-the-art full-flight simulators equipped with Airbus Helicopters' OEM Sim Data Pack that provides the most true-to-life experience possible. And many of them use full-scale mock-ups, offering trainees an experience similar to what it would be on a real aircraft.

In 2019, Airbus trained some 8,000 helicopter pilots and technicians, and logged around 8,000 helicopter flight hours and 30,000 helicopter simulator hours during training activities.

HCare Training Offer

Since 2019, we have been deploying the HCare Training Offer in our various centres around the world. This new offer introduces Training packages to better answer customers’ operational needs including both Pre-entry Level and Mission-oriented modules to complete Standard Type Rating. Customers can choose from three lines of services depending on their operational need: Graduate, Master and Honors.


HCare Training Graduate

Graduate line of services is aimed at acquiring in-depth technical knowledge on a specific Airbus Helicopters rotorcraft.?It was designed to offer off-the-shelf solutions to standard training requirements such as Type Rating, Difference courses, or Renewal courses. Optional courses can be added to these solutions, and can include Pre-Entry Level modules or advanced training courses.?

Main benefits

AIRBUS HELICOPTERS STANDARDS: Who better than the Original Equipment Manufacturer knows the exact behavior of the helicopter in flight?

COST EFFECTIVE: Find the adapted solution in our catalogue according to the trainee’s profile and background.

WORLDWIDE: Our training courses are available throughout our global network.

? COMPLIANT: Compliance with local regulations


Graduate is the right fit for you if?

  • You have few people to train with relatively the same skills
  • You have no specific equipment installed on your aircraft
  • You need the minimum qualification to operate


HCare Training Master

Within our Master service range, trainees will benefit from in-depth specialisation on favourite mission equipment in addition to their type qualification. The training focuses on the use of equipment and its impact on the helicopter’s behaviour.?Optional courses can include Pre-Entry Level, add-on modules or advanced training courses.


MISSION-ORIENTED: Courses built-up upon mission equipment favourite configuration for optimal performance & maintenance of the aircraft.

MODULAR: The program can be complemented with modules according to trainees’ profile ON-SITE: Our teams may accompany pilots at your premises to ensure an optimal start of operations.

ON-SITE: Our teams may accompany pilots at your premises to ensure an optimal start of operations.

COMPLIANT: Compliance with local regulations



Master is the right fit for you if?

  • You have specific equipment installed on your aircraft related to the following missions: Oil & Gas, Emergency Medical Services, SAR or Private Business Aviation
  • You have recently bought a new aircraft / you are planning to buy a new aircraft with specific equipment


HCare Training Honors

Honors range of services allows the operators to define their training objectives for crews and technicians. Whatever the target, Airbus Helicopters will provide a tailored training program that suits customer’s expectations.

This end-to-end service may also include pre-entry and/or maturation modules, as well as training means and media, and up to a complete cooperation on the set-up of customer training centres.


SUCCESS-ORIENTED: You define the target, we take care about the adequate training program to be performed.

FULLY-CUSTOMIZED: We are flexible and build up specific courses & means according to the trainees’ background and profile.

COMPLETE: We can help you develop your own training facilities, means and programs.

SAFE: We ensure enhanced safety and maximum performance during missions


Honors is the right fit for you if:

  • You have people to train with different skills of experience
  • You need advice in the definition of training requirements or need to deploy a new training strategy for your fleet
  • You have recently bought an aircraft / you are planning to buy an aircraft and wish to be closely accompanied?by an instructor at your location
  • You need specific training content, means or methods corresponding to your operations

Training means used in our courses

Full-Size Mock-Ups

To ensure the right balance between theoretical and practical instruction, our training centres are equipped with full-size mock-ups in well-equipped hangars. Full-size mock-ups can replace the real aircraft during technicians Type Rating.

Virtual Maintenance Trainers

The Virtual Maintenance Trainers have been designed to combine the benefits of virtual environment and a real aircraft. The Comploc app enables the location of key components in a realistic virtual helicopter. The Sim app allows practising procedural maintenance operations directly from your computer.

Full-Flight Simulators

Many of our training centres around the world are equipped with state-of-the art full-flight simulators or Flight Training Devices to ensure the most realistic mission environment without compromising the safety of your trainees and without using the real aircraft dedicated to commercial and military missions.

Currently, not less than 25 simulators (FFS, FTD, FNPT) are positioned in our training centres and are used by our network.?

H120 | H125 | EC135 | EC145 | H145 | AS365 N2, N3, N3+ | H145 | H175 | AS332 L1,L2 | H225 | NH90?

Helionix Trainer

The Helionix Trainer enables smooth transition from theory to practise for both pilots and technicians on all Helionix-equipped aircraft. This innovative tool includes a troubleshooting simulator and an interactive procedure trainer.

H135 | H145| H175

Light Training Device

This highly capable tool can be used to practise on autopilot and Flight Display System with different autopilot modes, autopilot protections, loss of sensors and reconfiguration.

Aircraft System Emulator

Emulators are light and portable solutions to get familiarised with specific systems of the aircraft: Flight Display System, Vehicle and Engine Monitoring Display, Normal and Emergency operations, Hydraulic System and Fuel System.

Part Task Trainer

The part-task trainer focuses on the proper use of the Flight Management System. It helps pilots practise on the FMS, navigation and flight planning.


E-Apps are operational tools used during training to prepare for real tasks during future operations. The following Apps help to complete pilot training: PC2 DLE, Performance, Weight & Balance, eFML.

Training centre network

Training Centre France Airbus Helicopters Training Services

Training Centre Germany

Training Centre North America

Training Centre Singapore

Training Centre Japan

Training Centre Malaysia


Training Centre Brazil

Training Centre Mexico

Training Centre United Kingdom


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