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Cartoon characters of woman scientist and girl showing interest

How aerospace will shape the future

How can aeronautical science help us reinvent the future?

Our planet will likely look very different in the future: things we have already discovered today – like new fuels, superfast computers, robots and drones – will change the way we fly, design and live. We might even go live on other planets! Can you imagine what this future will look like?

Cities: where we're going, we don't need roads!

Our cities are expected to get bigger and fuller in the future – so how might we get around? Maybe we’ll leave the roads behind – or below – and cross town in flying taxis. And maybe food will fly right to our doors on drones. Start designing your future city today!


Factories: let's get connected!

The way things are made – from toys to computers and even to planes – is changing every day. Lots of equipment in factories is connected, we use computers to design and robots help us build. Will this speed up in tomorrow’s world? Start designing your factory of the future right now!?


Aviation: super flying machines of the future

How will we power our planes into the future? Maybe with fuels that are like seaweed! And to inspire new designs, we might look at something else from nature: birds! We could learn from other animals too. What do you think the airplane of the future will look like?


Space learning: reaching for the stars

Will we build a home on another planet? Maybe! We’re planning to travel back to the moon soon – and that could lead us to Mars! We could also use space for tons of things – like tracking climate change. Design your space future today!


Discovery Space


Science of flight

Mission to the moon

Future of the Skies

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